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How to start an Internet Service Provider in India

So I was planning to start an ISP in India but a few things happened and I gave on the idea. I did however do some research which I can share with you and hopefully you’ll find that interesting and helpful. An Internet Service Provider or an ISP is basically an organization or a company which provides users with internet access. I will be exploring most of the needed things needed to start one, the regulations and a few other things. I know that a lot of people would have the idea of starting one and hopefully I can help you out. While this post is primarily geared towards the Indian ISPs, this should help people trying to start one in other countries as well. Firstly I highly recommend you to view this YouTube video. Skip to 54:30. The last mile For a residential/commercial provider, this should be your major focus point. Most of the time you’ll be scrambling to splice up fibers or putting in an Ubiquiti device, not managing a bunch of devices at the NOC. You wi